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Fountech is the authorized Distributor of BASF Bangladesh Ltd for  Master Builders Solutions Admixtures.

BASF Admixtures

Fountech is proud to work with BASF’s Construction Chemical division.For decades, BASF has led the industry in developing chemical admixtures that promote sustainable concrete construction. Through leading-edge chemistry and material science expertise, BASF has developed next-generation technologies that optimize concrete characteristics while reducing material and natural resource consumption. Products in the BASF portfolio can extend the service life of structures, minimize energy demands, and enable the utilization of local and recycled materials without compromising performance.

We have avilable all types of admixtures including:

1. MasterRheobuild 822: Retarding Superplasticising admixture for concrete

2. MasterRheobuild 623: Retarding Superplasticising admixture for concrete

3. MasterRheobuild 1125: High-Range, Retarding superplasticiser for high performance concrete mixes

4. MasterRheobuild 1100: High Range water reducing, superplasticiser for Rheoplastic concrete

5. MasterPozzolith CRP4:High performance retarding plasticizer for concrete

6. MasterPolyheed 8632: Retarding super plasticiser based on pce for ready mix concrete

7. Masterpel 707           :Low dosage, liquid, integral waterproofer for concrete and morter.

8.MasterGlanium SKY8630: high performance super plasticiser based on pce for concrete

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