Sports Flooring

We is the authorized Distributor, Applicator and Contractor of BASF Bangladesh Ltd.

Sports Floor  Sports FloorPolyurethane Sports Floor for Indoor & Outdoor Sports Surfaces.

Explanation: Fountech polyurethane sports floorings are well known for their top quality for all kind of different sports all over the globe. The excellent slip and wear resistance make the PU-Sport systems the right choice for all athletes for professional sports as well as for entertaining sports.

Due to the strength and flexible character these floor systems can be used for all kind of sports, but also for several non-sport events like exam halls and seminars. All PU-Sport systems are seamless and therefore easy to keep up and are built to last. The character of the PU-Sport system, contributes to the fact that these type of floorings can be easily renovated by using our special resurfacing PU-Sport polyurethane resin. This makes PU-Sport the true multi-use choice for indoor and outdoor usage.

Fountech PU-Sport products can also be used as separate components of any elastic sports system.