Water Base Epoxy

Environmentally friendly water borne epoxy for all interior concrete sealing applications where solvent odours and flammability are not acceptable.

What is Water base Epoxy? :

WATER BASED EPOXY is a two component, amine-cured, epoxy coating which will demonstrate the physical properties of solvent-borne epoxies, but in a water-reducible formula. Dust and residue formation is a problem with unprotected concrete floors and cement toppings. WATER BASED EPOXY water-reducible epoxy floor coating was developed as a premium quality, environmentally friendly answer to this problem Based on two-component epoxy technology. We provide CP S810 as a WATER BASED EPOXY . CP S810 produces a surface coating/film that will exhibit outstanding water- and chemical-resistance, excellent resistance to acids, solvents, oils, and gasoline and a superior combination of impact, abrasion, and scuff-resistance. Most importantly, WATER BASED EPOXY offers the performance characteristics mentioned above in a water-reducible formulation In the past, the physical toughness and resistance properties such as those that WATER BASED EPOXY will provide was possible only from solvent-borne products. WATER BASED EPOXY should be considered for all interior concrete sealing applications where superior durability is required and solvent odors and flammability are not acceptable.Waterproofing Contractor Team & skilled stuff in all sections.



Benefits & Features :

>>Outstanding toughness
>> Waterborne epoxy
>>Excellent flexibility
>>Outstanding water and chemical resistance
>>Excellent resistance to acids, solvents, oils and gasoline
>>Superior combination of impact, abrasion and scuff-resistance
>>Can be tinted to any custom color

Product Specification:

Pigment type: Varies with color
Weight per gallon: 9.2 lbs./gallon
Gloss: Full Glossy
Heat-resistance: 225°F (107°C)
VOC: 1.2 lbs./gallon (144 grams/liter)

Packing Size : 20Kg