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What is admixture:
Admixture: Admixtures are chemicals or natural materials added to the concrete mix besides cement, water and aggregate to improve certain property of concrete during mixing or casting or service stage.
Fountech Admixtures: We are authorized Distributor of BASF Master Builders Solutions whole sale price in Bangladesh for thir Construction chemicals like admixture, Waterproofing products, Ucrete, Micro concrete, Repair Morter, Grout, floor Hardener Etc.
We are supplying about 10 differents types of BASF admixtures for specific requirements best price in Bangladesh market. BASF has own manufacturing facility here with a Recearch and developmet Lab, Quality conrole Lab with sufficent testing equepment. So, Ensuring highest quality of products and technacal service we are providing to our customers with best compititive price in Bangladesh.
We have three office in Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna with sufficent godown for stock materials to supply your need. We have also our own testing lab in Dhaka. Any Specific need or requirement for your concrete, please feel free to discuss our technical engineering team. our Civil engineers will be happy to help you to get your disire concrete. Mix design and sample we provide on site or our own lab or BASF Lab. if you want to know more about BASF Concrete Admixture please click here.

We are also Authorized distributor of peddilite Dr. Fixit and Ducon Admixture in Bangladesh. if you want to more please contact us

Admixtures Functions in Concrete:

Admixtures are added to modify concrete properties. there are lots of concrete properties change by adding admixture. Here few functions and advantages of using admixtures are detailed below.

  • To improve workability of fresh raw concrete.
  • To improve durability by entering of air
  • To reduce the exact water required at concrete
  • To accelerate setting & hardening & thus to produce high early strength concrete
  • To aid curing concrete
  • To impart water repellent / water proofing properties into concrete
  • To cause dispersion of the cement particles when mixed with water in concrete mix
  • To retard setting concrete
  • To improve wear resistance concrete (hardness)
  • To offset / reduce shrinkage during setting & hardening period of concrete
  • To aerate mortar / concrete to produce a light-weight concrete product
  • To impart colour to add concrete
  • To offset or reduce some chemical reaction on concrete
  • To reduce bleeding in concreting stage
  • To reduce the evolution of heat produce

Admixtures are used in Bangladesh:

Nowadays, lot of Concrete admixtures and additives are used in concrete mixes to enhance its properties. Depending on the specific function or requirements on the concrete properties need,There are few classified into following:

  • Concrete Accelerator Admixture
  • Water reducing admixture
  • Superplasticizer admixture
  • Air Entraining admixture
  • Retarding admixture
  • Corrosion inhibitors admixture
  • Alkali-Aggregate Reaction Inhibiting admixture
  • Shrinkage Reducing admixture

Fountech is the authorized Distributor of BASF Bangladesh Ltd for Master Builders Solutions Admixtures. We are supplying All over the Bangladesh like Chittagong, Khulna, Dhaka, Gazipur, Sylhet Etc.
BASF Admixtures in Bangladesh
BASF has led the industry in developing chemical admixtures that promote sustainable concrete construction solutions world wide. Through leading-edge creating chemistry, recharch and development , invention and sustainability. BASF has invented and developed next-generation technologies that optimize desirable concrete characteristics. Products in the BASF Master Builders Solutions can extend the service life and durability of structures, minimize energy demands, environmen friendly and enable the utilization of recycled materials without compromising quality.

We have avilable all types of BASF admixtures including:
1. MasterRheobuild 822: Retarding Superplasticising admixture for concrete

2. MasterRheobuild 623: Retarding Superplasticising admixture for concrete, suitable for RMC

3. MasterRheobuild 1125: High-Range, Retarding superplasticiser for high performance concrete mixes

4. MasterRheobuild 1100: High Range water reducing, superplasticiser for Rheoplastic concrete. very common use in Bangladesh.

5. MasterPozzolith CRP4:High performance retarding plasticizer for concrete for special need.

6. MasterPolyheed 8632: Retarding super plasticiser based on pce for ready mix concrete and projects.

7. Masterpel 777 :Low dosage, liquid, integral waterproofing and water reducing for concrete and morter.

8.MasterGlanium SKY8630: high performance super plasticiser based on pce for concrete. Specially for high streangth concrete production.

Guarantee for quality products supplier and best distributor price in Bangladesh.
BASF Bangladesh LTD

We are also Distributor:
DR. Fixit for LW Plus
Ducon Construction Chemical Industries LTD, for Duconmix series Admixtures.