Decorative Flooring


Whether you want decorative floor coating systems that can survive endless foot traffic or heavy point loads, we have the combination of beauty and strength that your requirement. Our quartz, chip blends & metallic all create glossy finishes that handle wear and split, so you’ll carry on to benefit from stunning flooring that’s as durable as it is gorgeous.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Fountech is an Expert solution provider for Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh. Metallic Epoxy is a strong and durable protection of the Stylish Spin design of a Floor. After applying the primer and base coat tied to the concrete surface, it is sealed and a top coat with a dynamic metallic pigment is added which creates a dynamic surface. All metallic epoxy floors are arranged in multiple layers. Floor’s final appearance can be reserved in many forms. Often people add mat surface, vinyl color or mineral flakes to create natural stone appearance.

3D Epoxy Flooring

Strong and durable coating on which man walks in the room can be a beautiful, creative and unique with the help of Epoxy Flooring System .3D technology developers hardly imagine how varied and interesting their ideas are for the future.
3D Epoxy Flooring – A new technology for the production of floors. They offer this incredibly large selection of colors, images and materials to create this method, a promising device and a popular recent regulatory floor – it’s not just a picture, a large scale art object that can basically “see” – a floor.

Granitex Flooring

Fountech Providing Granitex Flooring system which is a chip blend flooring system that is made in combination with slices of different colors. Instead of the usual Mosaic Floor for residential or commercial space, this great floor design is being used very well. This floor provides more benefits than the ordinary Mosaic Floor.
Fountech offers the Granitex Flooring in Bangladesh.

Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete, patterned and / or textured or embossed like bricks, slates, flagsstones, stones, tiles, wood and various other designs and textures. Stamped concrete is usually used in patties, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior floors. Other building materials make a less expensive alternative to the use of similar stumped concrete, stamped concrete stone, slate or other other authentic elements such as bricks.