Dry Shake Floor Hardener

Dry Shake Floor Hardener

DESCRIPTION: Fountech provide Dry shake are blends of adhesive, aggregate, admixture and pigments, applied on to the concrete surface through construction. Generally used to increase the floors scratch resistance and strength. Dry shakes can also add color according to your requirement and slip resistance. Fountech can also be used to growth the surface quality where the concrete covers steel fibers.


  • Light Industrial and commercial buildings.
  • Basement and cellars.
  • Mechanical workshops.
  • Storage rooms.
  • Corridors, halls.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Parking areas.
  • Loading platforms.


  • Uniform and intense colors-attractive floors. Pleasant working environment.
  • Light and alkali-fast pigments-durable, non-fading colours.
  • Good abrasion resistance-minimised maintenance of floor surface.
  • Dense surface-increased resistance to ingress of oil and grease. Easy to clean.

Fountech provides for Dry Shake Floor Hardening..

  • Dry Shake Floor Hardener (MasterTop 100)