Self Leveling Epoxy

Epoxy is a Finnish product of 2 component, Resin and Harden. Aggregates are used to increase the thickness of a lot of time. We offer different color Epoxy. Among them, Light Gray, Green, Cream, Blue, Red etc. are notable.

It is a unique element of epoxide functional group or known as the end product of epoxy resin development. Epoxy also known as polyoxide resin. Responsive prepolymers and polymers contain a class epoxide group. The reaction of polyoxide with itself or with a large number of hardeners constitutes a thermosetting polymer. Which often creates mechanical properties and high heat and chemical resistance

We deal in industrial Epoxy Flooring System. We are exceptional and unparallel in Bangladesh. Fountech enjoys an recognized status for excellence in the industrial flooring marketplace. We have been dealing since a long time Epoxy Flooring System in Bangladesh. We use world best Epoxy and resin company’s U.K, USA, India, Malaysian, & Germany products. Our Engineers, skill applicators and technicians are well experience and trained from Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, in all aspects of the resin systems. If you think your next or previous projects floor will be Hygienic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Corrosive, Dust Free, Solvent Free High Chemical Resistant, Hard Wearing Aesthetically Attractive, High Gloss, Seamless/Joint Less, Ease to Clean and Economical please feel free to contact our sales and marketing team, they will be happy to meet your enquiry. Very competitive price and quality products and service are our motto.

Usage Area

  • Medium to heavy duty industrial floor
  • Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals
  • Exhibition centers
  • Schools and offices
  • Laboratories
  • Dry process areas

Usage Area

  • Low odour during application
  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Hygienic and impermeable
  • Smooth of anti-slip finish
  • Seamless & high gloss
  • Good chemical resistance