Car Parking Garage Epoxy / PU Flooring

Fountech is one stop solutions for car parking garage epoxy and polyurethane (pu)flooring products and application service in Bangladesh with a reasonable price.

About Car Parking Garage Flooring

We are moving forward in keeping with the current world towards modern globalization. Increasingly, our luxury is growing. Luxury is an part of our everyday life requirements.
Constantly building buildings, vehicles, and more, keeping pace with this need. As a result, parking spaces in every house, apartment, market, business place, factory or industry have become compulsory.
Generally concrete is damaged due to carriage or movement of parking in the parking area or garage. Due to the extra pressure or wheel load of the car, Oil, Mobil, Grease etc., are the causes of permanently damaged of concrete. Moreover, it cannot be easily cleaned.
Considering everything, Fountech is offering Car Parking flooring Solution in Bangladesh which Keep your floor or basement safe by keeping your concrete as well as tolerating extra load. It can be cleaned easily, do not accumulate water. Above all, you get full protection of your concrete.
With garage car parking floor epoxy or polyurethane, the best step you can create the most durable, attractive and toughest flooring ever. Our 100% solids, high build garage car parking floor epoxy coating or pu aliphatic coating undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a chemical coating, bonded with existing concrete to the prepared surface floor. Not only looking nice and protect your garage, but also you can get professional look, abrasions, stains, impact, and chemical resistant floor. Your garage will be safer, anti-slip, joint less and much easier to clean. With simply detergent powder and mop, or a broom, any kind of dirt is picked up easy and without hassle.

Considering everything, Fountech is offering Car Parking Solution in Bangladesh which Keep your floor or basement safe by keeping your concrete as well as tolerating extra load. It can be cleaned easily, do not accumulate water.
Above all, you get full protection of your concrete.

Car Parking Garage Floor Application

Available in 3Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg and 250Kg PackFountech is proud to offer a large variety of epoxy and Polyurethane (PU) flooring for your car parking garage across the Bangladesh. We are Importing world leading German and USA manufacture epoxy and pu floor coating, which is formulate specifically with indoor and outdoor car parking garages in mind.
Our application process starts with Grinding and leveling existing concrete floor. We have proper tools and machineries for Grinding and leveling floor to apply primer and top coat. After grinding, leveling and dust removing, millions of microscopic pores and few crack shows in the concrete floor. After proper floor preparation stage, we repair crack then we apply Epoxy or Polyurethane primer. Primer use before apply top coat for better bonding with concrete to epoxy or pu coating and sealing the micro pores properly. If primer properly not sealed concrete, result is pin hole or bubble will be shows on top coat. After drying / curing primer about 12 hour later We apply top coat. Which is color full as your wish.

Car parking Garage Epoxy Floor Price in Bangladesh

Price start almost 130 taka per square feet to 350 taka per square feet. Price depends on thickness, materials quality, origin of products, manufacturer, areas measure, floor conditions etc. All of our products and application are warranties for 5 to 15 years in Bangladesh. Lots of satisfied customers reference available.
Customized and tailor-made solutions are required to the specific place and uses the condition of the car parking garage floor surface. Multi-stored and underground car parks now a days available in Bangladesh. Specially in market, apartment, park, factory, airport, terminals and all high-rise building use multi stored car park garage. The requirements for specific car park coatings are different for every area of uses and need FOUNTECH has been a leading supplier and applicator of floor coatings for multi-store car parks garage and underground car parking garage for a decade in Bangladesh.

Usage Area

  • Industrial Parking
  • Commercial Parking
  • Residential Parking
  • Shopping Mall Parking
  • Garage and Assembling Center


  • Seamless Surface
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Excellent Aesthetics
  • Qualifies for LED Projects

Car Parking Garage Flooring Projects in Bangladesh

Available Color Chart

Epoxy Color Chart

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