Floor Hardener Supplier Company in Bangladesh

FOUNTECH is one stop solutions for Concrete Floor hardener supplier, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, products and application service company, with best price in Bangladesh

For over 13 years Fountech has been synonymous with all forms of specific Floor Hardener in Bangladesh. We are supplying materials and application of Floor Hardener products with best price in Bangladesh. We complete thousands of floor projects in all over the country. Last few years, we are also the representatives, Contractor, distributor, supplier and approved applicators for many other renowned floor hardener Manufacturer brands such as:

There are three types of Floor hardeners products available in the market, which is designed for specific requirements and usage.
The types of our floor hardeners are as follows:
• Metallic Floor Hardeners – Applied in Wet green concrete. When concrete casting on floor, this powder products applied on floor with power trowel or laser leveler. This type of floor hardener is meant for extreme heavy-duty requirements and is suitable for tank and metal track traffic.

• Dry shake Floor Hardener – Applied by Dry-Shake form on green concrete. Dry shake floor hardeners provide impact and abrasion resistance for high wear commercial and industrial concrete floors. It is suitable for all industrial areas subjected to heavy traffic e.g. power stations, heavy industry, breweries, food and beverage, agricultural buildings, distillation plants, laboratories, warehouse floors and loading bays and workshops.

• Liquid Hardener / Dust proofer – Applied by spray-on and polishing method. This provides an economical and effective form of floor protection. Very widely used in commercial and residential Carparks, ware house, production plant etc. Here concrete densifier and chemical hardener compound is a water-based, silicate liquid for harden and dustproof concrete. This process makes concrete a substantially denser concrete surface with enhanced durability.
We are selling Floor hardener materials and application with power trowel service providing all over the Bangladesh with best quality products and very competitive price.

Usage Areas

  • Light Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Basement and cellars
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Storage rooms
  • Corridors, halls
  • Educational institutions
  • Parking areas
  • Loading platforms


  • Uniform and intense colours – attractive floors. Pleasant working environment.
  • Light and alkali-fast pigments – durable, nonfading colours.
  • Good abrasion resistance – minimised maintenance of floor surface
  • Dense surface – increased resistance to ingress of oil and grease. Easy to clean.
  • Concrete Floor Hardener provide additional abrasion resistance for high wear industrial, commercial and industrial concrete floors.