Joint Sealants

Joint Sealants

What does Joint Sealant mean?

This is a polymer-based seal used in building and construction design applications to seal and protect joints between two substrates. Fountech used it to seal joints, gaps and openings between two or more substrates to stop environmental elements that make available conditions that may lead to corrosion. It is designed to shield joint edges from corrosion in concrete. Expansion joint sealant for concrete structural joints.

Expansion joint sealant for concrete structural joints

Some of the properties required to increase the performance of the joint sealant include:

  • UV-resistant
  • Non-chalking, non-staining and self-cleaning
  • Resists penetration and abrasion
  • Flexibility when exposed to weather and aging
  • Excellent resistance to physical and chemical reactions
  • Quick curing and water-tolerant