Metallic Floor Hardener

Metallic Floor Hardener

DESCRIPTION: Metallic Floor Hardener is used for extra heavy duty industrial floorings. This is also an ideal cost real clothing resistant top coat for heavy duty industrial flooring. Fountech offers maximum resistance to scratch, impact and high points weight, significantly extends the serviceable lifecycle of the floor. Fountech provide solution of floor laid with Metallic Floor Hardener are Non Dusting, Antiskid, Non Conductive, Non Magnetic and excellent in Scratch and Impact resistance.


  • Engineering workshops / foundries
  • Railway platforms / Locomotive sheds
  • Utilities areas e.g. compressor, boiler & DG rooms
  • Machine tool industries
  • Garages
  • Loading bays
  • Subways
  • Warehouses incl. agricultural applications
  • Power stations
  • Car parks

These should not be used in floors that are dedicate to strong inorganic acids, their salts and liquid discharges.

Fountech provides for Dry Shake Floor Hardening..

  • Metallic Floor Hardener (MasterTop 200)