Polished Concrete in Bangladesh

We import polished concrete hardener, densifier,sealer chemicals, tools, machine from USA and Spain. Fountech is supplier, distributor and contractor company in Bangladesh with best price.

Polished Concrete seems to be a concrete grinding and sealing system, with the help of grinding or polishing machine. In this process, a densifier chemical is used as a hardener. This hardener penetrates into the concrete to create a chemical reaction that create hard concrete. We are providing Polish Concrete materials, tools and application service with best price in Bangladesh since 2005. It’s a green flooring system.

Polished concrete can be created in grinding and sealing method to porous concrete, which uses a penetrating sealer to create a reflective surface. polished concrete usually used in commercial and residential projects, as it is long-lasting and durable under heavy foot traffic

Applying a chemical hardener that densifier then grinding it to the desired gloss and smoothness. Using Grinding machine, scarifier, vacuum cleaner, Polished pad, Diamond cup, angle grinder etc. tools, as like process of sanding wood. The concrete can be ground to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit sanding and polishing pad. Colors are mixed into the concrete before the slab is placed, but can be applied with dye, stain or specialized paint. Patterns, design can be applying on the surface while the concrete is setting in order to create a versatile effect and variety of finishes. By the deeper grinding to expose aggregate, dyeing the concrete and polishing the flooring surface create a high shine or glossy floor finish.

This naturally beautiful Fountech polished floor helps in creating a positive impression in your shop, home and shopping center. Easily cleaned surface makes the floor a popular choice for schools, museums, airport terminals, gyms and other highly trafficked areas. Its durability and evenness are especially appreciated in factories and warehouses. Fountech does not just complete polishing jobs, we transform them into works of art and clients receive a high-performance floor that will last a lifetime. learn more about polished concrete please visit more about polished concrete

Apply polished concrete in New and existing old concrete surfaces:

    New concrete surfaces:
    All the desire aggregates materials can be including when concrete mixing and casting. When we grinding and polishing the concrete included materials will shows and creating a nice-looking surface. So, everything what about your desire finish have to need include decorative glass, metal or rock in concrete mix.
    Existing concrete surfaces:
    If your concrete floor already exists, there are lots of ways to make it unique, Glossy and shiny as well as colorful. We add color to the surface with dyes or stains. Concrete will absorb the color by micro pore and capillaries, permanent color achieves existing concrete and get a special look. This can be achieved multiple color combinations.
    Existing Weak / rough Concrete:
    We are applying cementitious overlay on top of weak or rough concrete floor surface. These overlays are cement based, self-leveling offering concrete a uniform and even look. We can add color full glass or stone for a decorative stylish finish. Cementitious overlay is a good solution for concrete that requires too much patching, has cracks or even needs a leveling smooth floor finish.

    Benefits of decorative polished concrete: Limitless design, environmentally friendly, Cost efficient
    • Seamless Surface
    • Abrasion Resistant
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Easily Cleaned
    • Excellent Aesthetics
    • Qualifies for LEED Projects

How to Fountech apply polished concrete in Bangladesh:

    There are few important steps to application polished concrete floor. Proper application method will ensure durable, highly reflective and abrasion resistant flooring.

    Polished floor starts from grinding. 20-30 grit diamond use to expose aggregate and a flat floor. We grind existing floor to remove loose particle and leveling floor properly. After that we use 60 to 120 grit diamonds to remove scratch mark.
    Patch Filling: After grinding with 120 grit diamond, shows few crack or air pocket, pot hole. To repair crack or pot hole, have to need grout and others construction chemicals use for repair and filling void. Need again 120 grit diamond grinding.
    Densification: After drying grout have to need apply densifier. Concrete densifier hardens the floor surface and reduce dust producing. We are using potassium-based, lithium-based and sodium-based densifier to saturate the concrete.
    Polishing: Remove the excess dry densifier with 50 grit resin bonded polishing pads. Then step by step polishing need with finer grit resin bond polishing pad. If the expected gloss of the floor is not showing, we apply again densifier and allow it to dry then again polish it until desired surface gloss is achieved.
    Protect sealing: After the floor is properly to gloss and meet desire specifications. We apply protective sealer coats. It helps the concrete increases surface tension and protect the absorption of water, oil, residue and dirt.