Concrete Waterproofing

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What is Concrete Waterproofing?

One of the most common Concrete problems in Bangladesh is water leakage at your Building construction structures. this Leaking water not only damages the structures but it also hampers the aesthetic look. So, it causes growth of fungus and algae, dampness and the peeling out paint or coating.
Concrete is porous and lots of micro crack, which absorbs water naturally. This absorbs water contaminants, salt and others chemicals and cause deterioration. If you want to protect your concrete and ensure it has a durable life, water proofing is essential. No Way.

What is Concrete Water proofing?
Concrete Waterproofing is a technique which prevents water from your concrete structure penetrating absorb water. Waterproofing system is very imperative as it helps to preserve your house dry, healthy and safe. It ensures to reduce moisture absorbs into the concrete and thereby protects concrete from damage produced due to humidity or water exposure.
Water is mandatory for concrete curing. Same, Water is highly dangerous for concrete after curing. So that, concrete Water proofing is a very important subject for living well and healthy construction.

Methods and types of Water proofing in Bangladesh: –
There are various methods of waterproofing used in our country like,
Cementitious Waterproofing :
This method is very commonly used for wet areas such as toilets, retaining wall and bathrooms. This is a semi-flexible or rigid type of waterproofing and not exposed to weathering or sunlight. We are selling BASF Master Builders Solutions, Dr Fixit and Ducon products in Bangladesh market with best price.
Bituminous Waterproofing :
This method is basically coating of a flexible asphalt layer we call it coat tar. It has two types:
1. Self-Adhesive Bituminous Membrane: it is generally 1.5 mm to 2 mm thickness self-adhesive membrane. We use and sell to contractor world leading Turkey and European manufacturer products in Bangladesh.
2. Torch Applied Bituminous Membrane: Normally its thickness would be 3mm to 5 mm. It is applied with flammable torch for bonding with concrete. We are selling Turkey and European materials in Bangladesh with reasonable price.
Injection Epoxy / PU Grouting :
A low viscous injection Epoxy or Polyurethane (PU) resin for water proofing application in low to medium infiltration. It can be used in crack, void, bricks concrete and other structures, as basement, tunnels etc.
Acrylic Base Waterproofing coating:
IT is economical and color full roof coating and exterior paint coating. UV resistant and elongation about 150 to 200 times. We are using and selling DR. Fixit products and Ducon construction Chemicals industries Ltd products in Bangladesh.
Polyurethane ( PU ) base Liquid Membrane :
This is expensive and effective method Used for roof /terrace and the areas exposed to weathering. It is very flexible membrane about 400 times elongation.
EPDM Waterproofing Membrane:
It is synthetic rubber base, single layer flexible membrane, durable in cold and hot weather.
Polyurea Spray Waterproofing Coating :
Excellent adhesion to all kind of substrate like wood, plastic, still and concrete. It is world toughest coating and 600 times elongation. UV resistant, colorful and extremely durable as protective coating also.
Crystalline Waterproofing:
Concrete is porous and lots of micro capillaries. Its tunnel-like capillaries permit the passage of water and other liquids. Crystalline materials are generally in the powder form and have to be mixed in the certain proportion with water. After applying it penetrates the concrete, create a chemical reaction between Crystalline materials and moistures. forming a new non-soluble crystalline structure on micropore and capillaries as a result concrete will be waterproofs. These Crystalline materials need to be applied in a dry surface and can be used for waterproofing on the negative and positive side waterproofing.

In Bangladesh waterproofing should be need in Basement of structure, Interior of Exterior Walls, Bathrooms and kitchen, Balconies, decks, Terrace or roofs, Green roofs, Water tanks, Swimming pools, podium, retaining wall, expansion joint and roof etc. Fountech is the one stop supplier, importer, contractor, applicator, manufacturer company in Bangladesh. We offering all types of water proofing products and application with best price and best quality materials.

    Please observe the below image for know something initial :


Acrylic Waterproofing

Heavy duty acrylic base membrane waterproof coating for existing roof and terrace


Cementitious Waterproofing

Flexible, polymer cement base waterproofing slurry coating under pattern-stone masonry


Elastomeric Waterproofing

Liquid cold-applied polyurethane base waterproofing membrane for high pressure water


Bituminous Waterproofing

Modified bitumen based waterproofing membrane for roofs & basements