Polyurea Spray

Polyurea Spray

Polyurea coating is a two component spraying system that are fast reacting and provide quick return to service coating.Polyurea spray coating technology is one of the new developments of the last 20 years.This technology combines fast curing, even at very low temperature and water insentivity,chemical resistance and durability.Polyurea coating system are two type.Aliphatic Polyurea coating & Aeromatic Polyurea coating.Polyurea coating is a derived form of reaction of Isocyanate and Polyether resin.Polyurea coating can apply in all weather even below of temperature 0’c.It has a good characteristic of non sleepy,no voc,high flexibility,good tensile & compressive strength.

Usage Area:

  1. Roof Coating
  2. Flat Roof Repair
  3. Pipe Proection
  4. Tank Coating
  5. Car Park Decks
  6. Below Slab Waterproofing
  7. Hall Flooring
  8. Road Marking
  9. Industrial & Manufacturing
  10. Swimming Pool, Water reservoir
  11. Airport, Shipbuilding, Marine
  12. Garage, Ramp, Furniture, Industry, Playground

Benefit & Advantage:

  1. High Curing Speed
  2. Application under high humidity and at low temperature
  3. Extreme abrasion resistance
  4. Chemical resistance
  5. Anti corrosive
  6. Excellent adhesion on concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, fiber, wood, foam etc
  7. Resistant to most aggressive chemical, solvents, acid
  8. High impact & abrasion resistance
  9. Seamless, jointless
  10. 100% solid, VOC free, no solvent
  11. UV, Chlorine and saltwater resistant